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VA - Volksmusik in Jeans - Folkmusik Revival

Most of the important bands of both East and West are represented here: Recordings from the 70s by Schmelztiegel, Zupfgeigenhansl, Liederjan, Hannes Wader, Moin. Recordings of Eastern German folk bands are younger, starting only in the eighties - represented on this CD are numbers from Folkländer, Liedehrlich, Joachim Piatkowski & Wolfgang Rieck, Wacholder, Jams. Then some more Western bands like Die Hayner, Biermösl Blosn, Älabätsch. The CD closes with a couple of numbers giving maybe an outlook to German folk of today, featuring a newer song of Jams, the "Polka des 3. Oktobers" by Hoelderlin Express or a song of The Drumalane Waltz.

Stylistically, the CD has a focus on songs, most of them being arranged in the typical folk band manner, featuring guitars, fiddle, flute, but also sometimes hurdy gurdy, bagpipes etc.
Of course there are a lot of important names still missing. Still this CD is the best documentation of the German folk revival that has yet come to my ears. Highly recommended for anybody interested in German folk music.

"Volksmusik in Jeans" is part of a huge edition of CDs celebrating "Music in Germany 1950 - 2000", consisting of nineteen boxes with 5-10 CDs from all genres (11 Classical Music boxes, 1 Electronic Music box, 4 Music theatre/Musical boxes, 1 box of film/radio/theatre music, 1 box Jazz and 1 of popular music, featuring also this one album of folk music). All CDs can be either bought in boxes or as single CDs.

VA - Volksmusik in Jeans - Folkmusik Revival
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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