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Jalal - Mankind (On-U Sound, 1993)

Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, whose work in the spoken-word group the Last Poets helped earn him the title of the “Grandfather of Rap,” died on June, 4. He was 74. 

Nuriddin contributed to the Last Poets’ 1970 debut album as well as the follow-up, This Is Madness. These albums, which paired minimal, driving, percussive accompaniment with emphatic, relentlessly political spoken-word vocals, are widely regarded as crucial early examples of hip-hop.
In 1973, Nuriddin also demonstrated his lyrical dexterity as Lightnin’ Rod on the storytelling solo album Hustlers Convention. 

His musical path crossed that of Adrian Sherwood in the early 1990s. Mankind was originally released as a 10" disco plate via On-U Sound in 1993.


1 Mankind (Part 1) 5:33
2 Mankind (Part 2) 5:10
3 Shade Of The Light (Part 1&2) 6:19
4 Shade Of The Light (Part 3) 4:00
5 Transcendental Twins 8:53

Jalal - Mankind (On-U Sound, 1993)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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