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Harry Belafonte - In My Quiet Room

In My Quiet Room is an album by Harry Belafonte, released by RCA Victor (LPM-3571 and LSP-3571) in 1966. The orchestra was conducted by Howard A. Roberts and arranged by Hugo Montenegro, with musical coordination by Bill Eaton.

From the liner notes: "This album of moving ballads by Belafonte is further evidence of his ever-increasing ability to make a musical mood live for all those who hear it. His sensitive interpretation of a song's meaning and his faultless feeling for the music are testimony to the term artist."

From "Probably the lushest album Harry Belafonte ever made, this record offered further proof to record store owners that HB should be moved from the folk section to easy listening."

"Quiet Room" (Fred Hellerman, Fran Minkoff) – 4:38
"Portrait of a Sunday Afternoon" (Hellerman, Minkoff) – 3:15
"Raindrops" (Mike Settle) – 2:33
"Our Time for Loving" (Hellerman, Minkoff) – 5:11
"The Honey Wind Blows" (Hellerman, Minkoff) – 3:40
"The Girls in their Summer Dresses" (Jim Friedman) – 3:45
"Long About Now" (Hellerman, Minkoff) – 4:24
"I'm Just a Country Boy" (Fred Brooks, Marshall Barer) – 3:43
"Summertime Love" (Frank Loesser) – 3:45
"Try to Remember" (Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt) – 4:04

Harry Belafonte - In My Quiet Room
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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