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Newport Folk Festival 1963 - The Evening Concerts Vol. 2

This is an album of exceptional vintage folk performances from the Newport Folk Festival in 1963 called "The Evening Concerts: Volume 2" on the Vanguard label

Here's what the notes have to say: "No one who attended the Newport Folk Festival of 1963 would soon forget the three memorable nights and days of music-making. At the end, Seeger called to the stage all the festival singers he could find and led them in the singing of a song by another great contributor to American Folk Music, Woodrow Wilson Guthrie; the song? "This Land is Your Land" - known by many as the "American Folk National Anthem." 

Some of the artists include: Bessie Jones, Jackie Washington, Bob Davenport, Judy Collins, Theodore Bikel, Dave Van Ronk, Jean Redpath, Jean Carignan, and Pete Seeger.

Bessie Jones
- My God Is A Rock In The Weary Land
- The Buzzard Lope
Jackie Washington
- One Man's Hands
- Bill Bailey
Bob Davenport
- With My Pit Boots On
Judy Collins & Theodore Bikel
- Greenland Whale Fisheries
Theodore Bikel
- Little Star
- Coplas

Dave Van Ronk
- Candy Man
- Hold On
Jean Redpath
- The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
- Song Of The Seals
Jean Carignan
- Le Violon Monte En Viele
- Le Reel Du Diable
- Le Reel De Rimouski
Pete Seeger
- Cripple Creek; Old Joe Clark; Leather Britches
Festival Finale
- This Land

Recorded live at the Newport Folk Festival, July 26-28, 1963.

(256 kbps, cover art included)

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