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Stefanie Wüst - Kurt Weill - A Musical Portrait

The German soprano, Stefanie Wüst, had worked before her singing studies, first in costume field and as assistant at several major German theaters (Oper und Ballett Frankfurt, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Staatsoper München), and for several years worked in the films by Alexander Kluge. In addition to her singing studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne she attended master-classes, including Edith Mathis and Gisela May.

In 1983 Stephanie Wüst appeared at the Kölner Schauspielhaus in the "Dreigroschen-oper" (Director: Jürgen Flimm). In 1989 she founded the ensemble KURZWEIL, in different combinations, especially for interpreting the works of Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler. In 1993 she released the album "Kurt Weill - A Musical Portrait" and she was the first in Europe to present Weill's long hidden early cycle "Ofrahs Lieder".

The selection chosen for this collection traces Weill´s development on two levels: the situation of his personal life and the evolution of his artistic expression.

1. Im Volkston
2. Ofrah's Lieder: In Meinem Garten Steh'n Zwei Rosen
3. Ofrah's Lieder: Nichts Ist Die Welt Mir
4. Ofrah's Lieder: Er Sah Mir Liebend In Die Augen
5. Ofrah's Lieder: Denkst Du Des Kuhnen Flugs Der Nacht
6. Ofrah's Lieder: Nur Dir Furwahr, Mein Stolzer Aar
7. Julia, Das Schone Kind
8. Die Stille Stadt
9. Berlin Im Licht-Song
10. Klops-Lied
11. Pollys Lied
12. Liebeslied
13. Surabaya-Johnny
14. Es Regnet
15. Der Abschiedsbrief
16. Complainte De La Seine
17. Youkali - Stephanie Wust/Albert Rundel/Thomas Wise
18. Je Ne T'aime Pas
19. J'attends Un Navire
20. Nannas Lied
21. Buddy On The Nightshift
22. Dirge For Two Veterans

Stefanie Wüst - Kurt Weill - A Musical Portrait
(192 kbps)

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