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Hans-A-Plast - Ausradiert (1983)

Hans-A-Plast was one of the most successful early German punk bands, one of the first featuring a female singer.

After playing on several early festivals in Hamburg and Berlin, the self-released debut "Hans-a-plast" appeared 1979 and was very successful. It sold so well that the major labels, who had dropped punk after the first unsuccessful German "punk" albums in 1977/78, got interested again. Members of Hans-a-plast founded the "No Fun" label in 1980, were they also released the follow-up "Hans-a-plast 2".
After constant touring, their third and last album "Ausradiert" was released in 1983, again critically acclaimed, but this time without much success - at that time, the pop side of NDW had already won.

Hans-A-Plast - Ausradiert (1983)
(192 kbps, cover art incuded)

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