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VA - HanNOver Fun FUN Fun (1980, No Fun)

In 1979 Hans-A-Plast, one of the many flowers of the Hanoverian punk scene, had recorded their first LP, which sold surprisingly in the same year several thousand units. So much success, of course, called the record industry to the plan, but the band formed along with the fanzine maker Hollow Skai in Hannover, the NO FUN label in 1980.

One of the first own actions would have been the recording of the second "No Fun Festival", this show took place on 7 and 8 March 1980 in UJZ Glocksee, Hannover with about 2000 people. However, 11 bands made it to Glocksee-stage .The highlights of these performances were in total for the proposed sampler. Surprisingly was the performance of the 39 Clocks on it not on the tape, so that this project went into the studio and recorded their contribution - borrowed -because of the live atmosphere - the approval of Hans-A-Plast. Hollow Skai rightly observed in the detailed booklet of this CD, that for every taste, at least one new wave band was there - a musical in this latitude unprecedented event in Hannover!Even thirty years after the occurrence of this concert, you can feel the special mood of this music.
This album is a musical document from the early days of the German punk and new wave.


–Splizz - Tripping On Minster Beach (GB) / Private Keep Out 6:02
–Cretins - Dachau-Disco 3:09
–Der Moderne Man - Das Disco-Lied 4:43
–The 39 Clocks - 39 Explosion Heats 3:30
–Hans-A-Plast - Amerikaner 4:04
–Rosa - De Sade War Hart 3:37
–Daily Terror - Andere Zeiten 4:01
–Daily Terror - Schmutzige Küsse 1:38
–Schwanzkann's - Ich Und Mein Schwanz 2:25
–Kaltwetterfront - Disco Boy 3:09
–Phosphor - Wald 2:03
–Rotzkotz - No Name 3:22

VA - HanNOver Fun FUN Fun (1980, No Fun)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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