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Pink Anderson ‎– Vol.2 - Medicine Show Man (1962)

"Medicine Show Man", subtitled "Pink Anderson Vol. 2", is an album by blues musician Pink Anderson recorded in 1961 and released on the Bluesville label the following year

Like volume one and three of the series of LPs Anderson did for Bluesville, this was recorded in 1961 (though it was recorded in New York City whereas the others were recorded in Spartanburg, SC). Volumes one and three were mostly traditional songs; these are all traditional songs in the public domain. It follows that if you liked volumes one and three, you'd probably like this too; if you want to choose just one, you're about as well off with any of the individual volumes. If you had to split hairs, it seems that Anderson sounds a bit more comfortable in the studio/recording setting on this one than on the others, and a tad less countrified and more urbane. The tone is cheerful and easygoing, like that of a well-loved man entertaining his neighbors. Which is not to say this is a throwaway; the phrasing and rhythms are crisp, and the ragtime-speckled folk/blues guitar accomplished.

Roland Ellis of Gaslight Records said "Plain old pastoral blues is what it's all about here. Pink Anderson's Vol 2. Medicine Show Man sees travelin' folk fused with traditional blues in order to tell simple stories about lower class life in the southern United States and yep that's pretty much it. Relentlessly circular blues patterns. Twee, surface scratching lyrics. One guitar and one vocal and one unwaveringly steady dynamic. Light hearted blues might be paradoxical, but that's how this record could perhaps best be described ... Pink Anderson's Vol 2. Medicine Show Man albeit interesting from a socio-cultural perspective, really does lack that depth and backbone required to make a record feel memorable and timeless".


1 I Got Mine 3:37
2 Greasy Greens 4:34
3 I Got A Woman 'Way Cross Town 2:58
4 Travelin' Man 4:35
5 Ain't Nobody Home But Me 4:12
6 That's No Way To Do 2:26
7 In The Jailhouse Now 4:32
8 South Forest Boogie 3:57
9 Chicken 4:10
10 I'm Going To Walk Through The Streets Of The City 2:56

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Thank you very much for this, as well as the other volumes. Your blog is always so interesting and helpful.

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