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Heiner Goebbels & Alfred Harth - Hommage - Vier Fäuste für Hanns Eisler (1977)

Experimental composer and director Heiner Goebbels was born in Neustadt, Germany, on August 17, 1952, relocating to the Frankfurt area at age 20 to study music and sociology.

He first achieved notoriety in 1976 upon premiering a number of works, including "Rote Sonne," "Circa," and "Improvisations on Themes by Hanns Eisler," most performed in conjunction with the "Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester". Concurrently, Goebbels also collaborated with Alfred Harth and beginning in 1982, he served as a member of the longstanding art rock trio "Cassiber".

He further expanded his growing oeuvre with a series of theatrical, film, and ballet scores and during the mid-'80s began writing and directing audio plays of his own, seeking his initial inspiration in the texts of Heiner Mueller. Beginning in 1988, Goebbels also turned to authoring chamber music with the Ensemble Modern, and in 1994 completed "Surrogate Cities," his first major composition for symphony orchestra. His recordings for ECM include La Jalousie/Red Run/Herakles 2/Befreiung, the Edgar Allen Poe-inspired SHADOW/Landscape with Argonauts, Der Mann im Fahrstuhl, and Ou Bien le Débarquement Désastreux.

"Hommage - Vier Fäuste für Hanns Eisler" is a German only 11-track LP recorded live with Alfred Harth at Flöz in Berlin on October 3rd 1976, released in 1977.

A1a. Der Zerrissene Rock 2:00
A1b. So, Das Ist, Was Wir Brauchen 4:15
A1c. Gedanken Über Die Rote Fahne 1:00
A2. Zur Überwindung Von Schwierigkeiten 6:40
A3. Die Wirtshausszene 2:10
A4. Grossvater Stöffel 4:30
A5. Sieg Im Volkslied! 3:20
B1. Die Haltbare Graugans - Ostwärts Mit Oder Ohne Nach Quong Quong ? 7:30
B2. Lange Weile 1:46
B3. Vorwärts! 5:51
B4. Fugato Spontini 1:17
B5. Spui' Ma' Wieder Oan, Dass D'Zeit Vergeht 1:32
B6. I Clowns 0:45

Heiner Goebbels & Alfred Harth - Hommage - Vier Fäuse für Hanns Eisler
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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any possibility to reupload thiw rare gem?
Alex in Solex

Anonym hat gesagt…

keine antwort am meine frage ..
Alex in Solex
aber , nur rechts musik?

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It took some time... but here´s the reup. Greetings!

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sorry for capital letters it's expression of my excitement.
keep on ..
thank again
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You are welcome!

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