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Pannach & Kunert - Fluche, Seele, fluche (1981)

Christian "Kuno" Kunert was part of the East German rock legend "Klaus Renft Combo" (or just "RENFT"), the songwriter and rock lyricist Gerulf Pannach was a companion of the band. Their rebellious attitude and "decadent" lifestyle was another thorn in the side of the East German officials. "Renft" was banned from stage for lifetime and declared "non-existent" in September 1975.

As Klaus Jentzsch, founder of the "Klaus Renft Combo", has left the GDR to West-Berlin with his Greek wife in 1976, Christian Kunert and Gerulf Pannach started a folk-duo called "Pannach & Kunert". After a few illegal peformances they were arrested and imprisoned together with writer Jürgen Fuchs for nine months until they were ransomed by the West German Government. They were forced to leave the GDR against their will. "Pannach & Kunert" enjoyed some moderate success in West Berlin.

"Fluche, Seele, fluche" is a wonderful album and a fine example for those critical german artists getting caught between the fronts of the cold war and suffering under their German-German exile:

„Ob im Osten oder Westen
wo man ist, ist´s nie am besten
suche, Seele suche
fluche, Seele, fluche.“

(Gerulf Pannach, inspired by "Weiter immer weiter", written by Erich Mühsam)

Pannach & Kunert - Fluche Seele Fluche (1981)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Intersting those two versions of Raimon's songs More Raimon here:

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