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Colin Wilkie & Shirley Hart - Morning (1972) - Outside the City (1974)

The folk revival of the 1960s came to Germany through the playing of British-born singer/songwriter Colin Wilkie and his guitarist/vocalist wife Shirley Hart. The composer of hundreds of songs and stories, Wilkie spent 11 years as resident songwriter for SWF show Tellekolleg and seven years as host of his own weekly radio show. He passed on his unique fingerstyle approach to the guitar to influential German guitarist Franz Josef Degenhardt.

Wilkie's songs, which reflect on family, friends, political, and ecological themes, offer only a hint of his warm, intimate, stage persona. Wilkie and Hart's first album, released in 1965, was recorded with Scottish folksinger Alex Campbell. Musical theater has provided another outlet for Wilkie and Hart's talents. Their appearance as street singers in a production of John Arden's Life and Death at the Wuerttembergi National Theater in Stuttgart, helped to make the show so successful that it ran for several years.

1. The Family of Man
2. The Wasteland
3. Morning Colin
4. The Soldier's Song
5. Willow and Rue
6. Portland Town
7. Eppelein von Gallingen
8. Put Your Hand In Mine
9. Icy Acres
10. Wat Tyler
11. When I'm Gone
12. Sunflowers
13. Mr. & Mrs. Ferlinghetti-Smith
14. The Pipelines
15. A Sailor's Life
16. Old 97
17. Ain't It Pretty
18. The Potato Eaters
19. Where Were You In the War?
20. The Unquiet Grave
21. The Märchengarten
22. The Bells of Rhymney

Colin Wilkie & Shirley Hart - Morning (1972) - Outside the City (1974)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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-Otto- hat gesagt…

Ha! Have you ever heard them with Albert Mangelsdorff on MPS 15229 - "Wild Goose" from 1969? Free Folk and then some! Anyway, thanks for this album, zero!

zero hat gesagt…

Yes, i did! Maybe you want to checkt it out here:


-Otto- hat gesagt…

I missed it. Glad you posted this rare album. Thanks, zero!

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback, Otto. Very interesting music for my ears...

Greeny hat gesagt…

Thanks, zero, really nice to see and hear those albums again. There is another rare one by the duo called "We Travel the Road" on German Polydor with has John Pearse and Ladi Geisler (!) on twelve string guitar supporting Wilkie & Hart.
By the way, German electronic hip hop projects lotte ohm. and Instant Wilkie are the brainchild of Vincent Wilkie, son of Colin and Shirley, who started his musical career in 1974 as a five years old kid banging spoons on his parents' record "Outside the City" (Pläne Records).

zero hat gesagt…

Greeny, thanks a lot for these infos. Best wishes!

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