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Kennzeichen D - Gestört (1981)

KZD aka Kennzeichen D was a West-German Punk-band from Lindern - nearby Cloppenburg (a small town in Lower-Saxony) - active between 1979-1981.

The band consisted of Kalle Kamlage (vocals & bass), Peter Niemann (guitar) and Willi Kamlage (drums). The album "Gestört" was released in 1981 on the "Moderne Musik" label. The charming eight-track production contains tracks like "Polizeitsaat" and "Leistungsdruck". All tracks have been recorded live between January 27th and February 2nd 1981 at "Klangwerk Studio" in Lippramsdorf by Jürgen Hesse. Later some guitar & choir dubs have been added. The cover was designed by Clement Hülse

This album is a wonderful example for the great diy-culture of the early punk days. Well worth a listening 40 years later!


A1 Leistungsdruck
A2 Polizeistaat
A3 Anarchie (So Klappt Das Nie)
A4 Ein Liebeslied
A5 Neonwelt
A6 Gefangen
B1 Fließband-Roboter
B2 Popper Sein
B3 Die Große Freiheit
B4 Vaterland
B5 Ik Mach Di Liern
B6 Angst

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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