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Bremer Chor "Die Zeitgenossen" & Gruppe Argus - Lieder zur internationalen Solidarität (1978)

Found this album on a record fair some weeks ago. It was recorded in July 1978 at Studio Nord, Bremen, and released in 1978 on the label "Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus".

The choir "Die Zeitgenossen" from Bremen/Germany, conducted by Hartmut Emig, is accomapnied by some musicians, called "Gruppe Argus". They are singing and playing international solidarity songs from Greece, Chile, South Africa ,Germany, USA and Portugal. "Die Zeitgenossen" were seeing themselves as a part of an emanzipatoric choir movement, according to the Hanns Eisler slogan: "Unser Singen muss ein Kämpfen sein!"

These protest songs are beautiful folk music with a big choir of up to 100 singers according to the infos in the booklet scans. Sometimes even too beautiful if you consider the tragic songs and lyrics.

01. Die ganze Erde uns (Greece) 03:00
02. Ich bin die Front (Greece) 02:53
03. Venceremos (Chile) 03:32
04. Das neue Leben (Chile) 03:12
05. Lied für unsere Gefallenen (Chile) 05:54
06. Nougqougqo (South Africa) 02:19
07. Ndodemnyama (South Africa) 02:48
08. Grândola, Vila Morena (Portugal) 02:47
09. Hold the fort (USA) 03:36
10. Und schon morgen (Germany) 03:59
11. Oh freedom (USA) 02:04

Bremer Chor Die Zeitgenossen

Gruppe Argus:
Wiebke Rendigs: vocals
Stephan Uhlig: guitar, vocals
Christian Uhlig: bass, vocals
Dietz Koldewey: guitar, vocals

Wiebke Rendigs: alto (1,6)
Rotraud Schalipp: soprano (5)
Ivesa Lübben: flute (5)
Achim Klug: bass (8)
Frank Drecoll, Heiner Borcherding: tenors (8)
Wilhelm Meerkamp: announcer (9)

Alexander Ahrens: cello (5)
Rolf Wieneck: banjo (9)
Levi Gioro & the Athenians: bouzoukis (1,2)

Bremer Chor "Die Zeitgenossen" & Gruppe Argus - Lieder zur internationalen Solidarität (1978)
(ca. 256 kbps, cover art included)

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