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Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester - Hört, Hört! (Trikont, 1977)

The "Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester" was a brass band formed in 1976, in Frankfurt, by Heiner Goebbles, Alfred Harth, Christoph Anders and others - in an attempt to reinforce artistically the left student movement demonstrations of that period. The band, designed mostly for live appearances, was consisting of about twenty musicians and played on stage, at the streets and in diverse political activities.

In spite of the circumstances of its birth, "The So-Called Left Radical Brass Orchestra" never was a preacher of left dogmatism. Their repertoire crossed the music history from baroque & classical period, early twentieth century to free-jazz and avant-garde, including original pieces, traditonal themes, covers of Hanns Eisler, Frank Zappa etc.

The band was close to student protests for political and social improvements, with topics such as civil disobedience, protest against nuclear power and offenses against human rights. They played at events of the Frankfurt Sponti scene, trying to add music with a political message. They were inspired by Hanns Eisler's music, with a communicative dimension ("kommunikative Dimension").

Their interpretations were imaginative, inventive, uncompromised but not snobbish, eclectic, intellectual and yet very amusing - a channel for direct communication with the people.

Their first album "Hört, hört!" was recorded in July 1977. Some tracks of the album (1-1,3,5 and 1-14) are live recordings from a concert at the cinema "Harmonie" in Frankfurt. It incluedes the track "Ich bin halt die Kotze aus deiner Glotze", a cover of "I´m The Slime" by Frank Zappa.


1 Vorspiel und "Gedanken über die rote Fahne" (by Hanns Eisler) 2:52
2 Begleitung (by Rolf Riehm) 2:07
3 Tagesschau (by Alfred Harth, Heiner Goebbels, Rolf Riehm) 7:32
4 Ich bin halt die Kotze aus Deiner Glotze (''I'm the Slime'' by Frank Zappa) 2:37
5 Chickmatch-Blues (by Alfred Harth) 3:12
6 Die Fabriken und Stück (by Hanns Eisler, Rolf Riehm) 3:16
7 Circa (by Heiner Goebbels) 5:17
8 Rote Sonne (by Trad. Arranged by Heiner Goebbels) 2:23
9 Der Anwalt des Schreckens (by Rolf Riehm, lyrics by Peter Paul Zahl) 2:30
10 Ya no somos nosotros (by Karaxu, arranged by Heiner Goebbels) 1:37
11 La resistencia se organisa (by Karaxu, arranged by Heiner Goebbels) 4:54
12 Homesick-Blues (by Rolf Riehm, lyrics by Peter Paul Zahl) 3:28
13 Lied von der Gedankenfreiheit (by Walter Mossmann) 1:50
14 Tschüs (by Walter Kubiczek, lyrics by Dieter Lietz) 1:33

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