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4. Festival des politischen Liedes - Rote Lieder (1974, Eterna, vinyl rip)

Political songs had a major forum in Eastern Germany: The "Festival des politischen Liedes", a festival for political songs that took place every year between 1970 and 1990 in East Berlin. The festival was founded and until 1980 also organised by the FDJ, the Eastern German official youth association. Each year between 50 and 80 bands and musicians from about 30 different countries came to present political songs as well as folk and world music with a political touch.

It was one of the few "windows" to the big wide world, a chance to see many international bands and musicians, to get a bit of the flair of cultures from foreign countries where normal Eatern German folk was not allowed to go to, of internationalism. For young people this festival was a highlight of the year: "The festival broke with the every day life of the GDR. Nights without closing times. Political Carnival. Exceptional situations. Conjugal crisises. Moments of falling in love. New unexpected lyrics and melodies. Different views of the world. Different people that you would otherwise never had met." This is how Hans-Eckart Wenzel remembers the festivals. He reminds that tickets for the festival were always short, and a lot of people had to stay outside.
The fourth "Festival des politischen Liedes" took place in Berlin, February 10th to 16th, 1974 with artists like Inti-Illimani, Miriam Makeba, The Sands Family and many others. This album features original recordings from this festival.
01 Canción Del Poder Popular [Inti-Illimani]
02 Wohin Bringen Sie Den Jungen [Thermopyles]
03 Salaspilsz [Iskatjeli]
04 Alla Mattina Con La Luna [Luciano Francisci]
05 A Desalambrar [Daniel Viglietti]
06 Die Ölkonzerne [Oktober-Klub]
07 Lied Von Der Führenden Rolle Der Arbeiterklasse Gegenüber Dem Adel [Reinhold Andert]
08 The Winds Are Singing Freedom [The Sands Family]
09 Afrika [Miriam Makeba]
10 Por Todo Chile [Isabel Parra Und Patricio Castillo]
11 Ruce [Mensi Bratri]
12 Vamos Ahora [Quinteto Tiempo]

4. Festival des politischen Liedes - Rote Lieder (1974, Eterna, vinyl rip)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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