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Isabel & Angel Parra - Le Pena de los Parra (1971)

Chile´s most important twentieth century popular music movment, nueva cancion (New Songs) was officially born in July 1969 during the First Festival of New Songs organized by the Catholic University of Santiago. In the 1950s and 1960s Margot Loyola, Violeta Parra, Hector Pavez, Gabriela Pizarro, the Cuncumen group and others began to recuperate Chilean folk music. In the mid-1960s the neo-folklore movement was formed in Chile by musicians like Angel Parra, Isabel Parra, Patricio Manns, Rolando Alarcon and Victor Jara as well as groups like Los Cuatro Cuartos. Nueva cancion was born dirctly out of the group´s work and of the radicalization of the creative work of singer-songwriters by groups like Quilapayun, Inti-Illimani, Curacas, Aparcoa and Illapu. As a result, a number of classical-trained musicinas, including Sergio Ortega, Luis Advis and Gustavo Becerra began to work with popular musicinas.

The club known as 'La pena de los Parra' played a key role in the movement, and sparked the creation of similar clubs (panas) throughout the country, particularly in university areas. The DICAP record label and several radio programmes also playd an important part in disseminating nueva cancion

The movement was particularly significant during the period leading up to Allende´s victory in 1970, and throughout the three years of Popular Unitiy government. When it was brought down by the military coup of September 1973, many members of the movement were killed, among them Victor Jara; others (like Angel Parra) were jailed and Inti-Illimani, Quilapayun, Patricio Manns and Isabel Parra, among others, were forced into exile.


A1 Rio Manzanares / Der Manzanares Strom 2:00
A2 Ya No Somos Nosotros / Wir Sind Nicht Mehr Wir Selbst 2:20
A3 Decimas Del Folklore / Volkstümliche Reime 3:08
A4 Ayúdame Valentina / Hilf Mir, Valentina 3:00
A5 Hasta Cuando Compañero / Wie Lange Noch, Genosse 1:50
A6 Canto A Mi América / Gesang An Mein Amerika 1:48
B1 Casamiento De Negros / Hochzeit Der Schwarzen 1:55
B2 Coplas Americanas / Amerikanische Verse 3:23
B3 Yo Defiendo Mi Tierra / Ich Verteidige Mein Land 2:15
B4 A Desalambrar! / Reißt Die Zäune Nieder 2:15
B5 Al Centro De La Injusticia / Im Zentrum Des Unrechts 3:15
B6 Cuartetas Por Diversión / Spottverse

Isabel & Angel Parra - Le Pena de los Parra (1971)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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