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The Residents - Duck Stab (1978)

"Duck Stab" started life in February, 1978, as a seven-song EP. It featured songs sung clearly, with understandable (if nonsensical) lyrics -- a first for The Residents. The EP was a runaway success, selling out the first pressing very quickly. The band had to press more, which for them was very unusual.

Unfortunately, the sound quality of the EP was poor because The Residents had tried to squeeze sixteen minutes of music onto the record. The band decided to re-release the songs in an album in order to improve the sound. They took a similar, unreleased EP called "Buster & Glen" and made it into side two of the new album. "Duck Stab / Buster & Glen" was released the following November, and was later renamed as simply "Duck Stab".

Sandwiched in between "Third Reich and Roll", "Eskimo", and "The Commercial Album", "Duck Stab/Buster & Glen" hasn't always received the fanfare of other late-'70s Residents material. It's one of the few that isn't a concept album and probably the least experimental of the bunch. Still, it's quintessential Residents' rock -- which is to say, it's like nothing else on the planet. Few of the songs last longer than a couple of minutes, and only a few instruments can be heard at any given time. Rather than relying on guitars, the Residents stick to the relatively primitive synthesizers and electronic gadgets of their time. Chorus chants on "Bach Is Dead" meet with a melody that sounds like a cross between a sixth grader playing recorder and someone scratching on a balloon. Snakefinger's nasally vocals fit in all too well with their high-pitched electronica, which then somehow merges with funereal marching percussion. It seems annoying and stupid at first, but over time you feel compelled to listen again and again. Such is the glory of the Residents!

Here are the tracks form the "Duck Stab"-EP:

1. "Constantinople" 2:23
2. "Sinister Exaggerator" 3:28
3. "The Booker Tease" 1:04
4. "Blue Rosebuds" 3:08
5. "Laughing Song" 2:12
6. "Bach is Dead" 1:12
7. "Elvis and His Boss" 2:29

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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