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Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth - Shame For The Angels (EP)

After the post-punk band Swell Maps dissolved in the early '80s, lead singer Nikki Sudden began a diverse and restless solo career, during which he worked with a number of different bands and side projects. Sudden released his first solo record, Waiting on Egypt, in 1982, followed closely by The Bible Belt in 1983; both records recalled the music he made with Swell Maps.

In 1984, Sudden formed the Jacobites with drummer Epic Soundtracks (his brother, who was also a member of Swell Maps) and guitarist/vocalist Dave Kusworth, who co-wrote the material with Sudden. The band developed a laid-back, wasted, romantic classic rock and pop style with acoustic guitars and a rolling rhythm section. The Jacobites released four albums and three EPs between 1984 and 1986, when Kusworth left the band.

The EP "Shame For The Angels" features Mark Lemon, Slim Cartwright and Epic Soundtracks - as brilliant today as it was in 1984.


01. Shame For The Angels
02. Fortune Of Fame
03. Heart Of Hearts
04. Ratcliffe Highway

Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth - Shame For The Angels EP
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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