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Rebel MC - Word, Sound And Power (1992)

"Every person has the right to be what they want to be. Every individual is equal in the eyes of Jah,
therefore, it can only be a devil's world that continues to brutalize and inflict pain and suffering on their fellow man.
The worshipping of money, gold, materialism and false gods is among us and rapidly increasing.
So prophecy must fulfil as we are living in ah revelation time." - from the liner notes.

As the title suggests, this is a study in the power of music. After his ground breaking 2nd album, Black Meaning Good, Rebel MC built on his pioneering fusion of reggae and hip-hop with a UK twist (what we came to know as Ragga, then Jungle, then Drum and Bass etc). The thundering but soulful basslines, and carefully chosen samples/raps/and vocals are blended to perfection at what was the peak of Rebel MC's career- musically but typically not in regards to sales figures....
Listen to the Marley-esque Revolution and the following track Revelation that end this album, powerful uplifting music that befits the title. Other tracks such as Let Jah Light Shine are more Soul II Soul in style- but with Rebels own twist.
This guy, along with Goldie et al, pushed British music forward in astounding ways. Almost single handedly inventing Jungle, and preceeding Drum and Bass, this album was made during the peak of other artists experimenting in those genres, Rebel MC showed he was the boss with this release. A stone cold classic album, and a piece of history that was shamelessly overlooked even on release, it covered (even pioneered) almost every genre of music of black origin- in one album!


A1 - Humanity
A2 - Rich Ah Getting Richer
A3 - Let Jah Light Shine
A4 - African Descendant
A5 - The Governments Fail
B1 - Jahovia
B2 - I Can't Get No Sleep
B3 - Creation Rebel
B4 - Power To The People
B5 - Revolution
B6 - Revelation Time

Rebel MC - Word, Sound And Power (1992)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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