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Miriam Makeba - Appel à l´Afrique (1974)

Legendary South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba (born 1932) rose to international fame during the 1960s, attracting a wide following through concert appearances and recordings. Although capable of great vocal versatility in a variety of languages and settings, including jazz and blues, Makeba became best-known for singing in her native dialect, distinguishable by explosive, clicking sounds formed with the epiglottis in the back of the throat.

Like many politically-minded black South Africans, Miriam Makeba spent several decades in exile during the apartheid era. Following the 1961 Sharpville Massacre, where dozens of people - including several of her relatives - were shot to death while protesting the new pass laws, Makeba broke her silence on the evils of apartheid rule. The South African government responded by revoking her citizenship and permanently refusing to let her return to her homeland. It was really the government's loss, though: Makeba was a widely regarded international celebrity, and in the face of such bitter treatment by the Afrikaaners, she became one of the most effective public speakers in opposition to apartheid rule. At the end of the decade, Makeba returned to Africa, but instead of her mother country, Makeba moved to Guinea, where she and her husband Stokley Carmichael sought refuge from political persecution in the United States. In Guinea, Makeba hooked up with some of West Africa's greatest musicians, including the likes of Sekou Diabate and Famouro Kouyate. She recorded about thirty songs for the government-sponsored Syliphone label.

This album features recordings from her concert at the Palais de Peuple in Conakry, Guinea.

1. Kilimandjaro
2. Kadeya Deya
3. Measure the valley
4. Sekou famake
5. Kulala
6. Malaika
7. U. Shaka
8. Tonados de media noche
9. Djinguinira
10. Malcolm X
11. Tutu maramba
12. I phin dlela

Miriam Makeba - Appel à l´Afrique (1974)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

Makeba was a giant in every sense of the word and the world was a better place for having her art, voice, and efforts for change. Thank you for posting so much of her music.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I also admire Miriam Makeba and her music. All the best!

Greg hat gesagt…

Could you PLEASE repost it?
Thanks in advance,

Anonym hat gesagt…

Many thanks, you're most kind

zero hat gesagt…

Always welcome!

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