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Georges Moustaki - same (Amiga, 1980)

Georges Moustaki (real name Joseph Mustacchi) was a French singer-songwriter, born on May 3, 1934 in Alexandria, Egypt, to Greek parents. In 1951, he moved to Paris and started writing for a French-speaking Egyptian newspaper. He began his career as a guitarist & composer for many artists, like Édith Piaf, Serge Reggiani & Yves Montand. Later, he chose the first name Georges as a tribute to Georges Brassens.
In 1969, "Le Métèque" has been Moustaki's first hit.

Although he achieved his greatest fame in France, singing French-language songs in a distinctly French style, singer/songwriter Georges Moustaki was more a citizen of the world - or, as he often put it, a "citizen of the French language." Christening himself a cultural "mongrel" in his signature hit "Le Métèque," Moustaki's first love was the classic-style French chanson, but he often appropriated bits of world folk musics from Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, Brazil (bossa nova and MPB), Argentina (tango), and other parts of Latin America, the United States (blues and jazz), Holland, and anywhere else his travels took him. Simplicity was a hallmark of many of his own recordings; possessed of a soft, warm voice, he often sang with only his own guitar for accompaniment, creating an intimacy that translated to his live gigs as well. A successful artist in his own right, Moustaki initially made his name as a songwriter of some renown, composing material for many of the top French singers of the late '50s and '60s (including Edith Piaf
's classic "Milord"). He moonlighted as a poet, actor, novelist, and journalist at various points in his career, and remained one of France's more ambitious artists as his trademark beard and long, flowing hair turned white.

Reportedly suffering from emphysema, Georges Moustaki died last week in Nice, France on May 23, 2013; he was 79 years old. Rest in peace!


Side 1:
01 Ma solitude
02 Hiroshima
03 Joseph
04 17 ans
05 Les marchands
06 Le meteque
07 Le facteur
08 Le temps de vivre

Side 2:
09 Ma liberte
10 Marche de sacco et vanzetti
11 La Pierre
12 Nous sommes deux
13 Bahia
14 Si ce jour-la
15 Votre fille a vingt ans
16 Elle est elle

Georges Moustaki - same (Amiga, 1980)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Schön, daß es geklappt hat.

Vielen vielen Dank dafür :-)

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Sehr gerne...

HAAR hat gesagt…

Greetings from Turkey!
Great music ! ı always love Moustaki's music..
Also I have a music blog and If you add my blog link
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Le rapailleur musical hat gesagt…

Song No-15 should be F not V Fille Ville mean Town and Fille mean dauther

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks - now there´s the correct title and a fresh link. Best wishes!

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