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Peggy Seeger - Different Therefore Equal (1979)

Few people have contributed more to professional folk music than Peggy Seeger. A strikingly original artist, her place in the world of folk music seems almost preordained. Peggy was born in 1935 and grew up in a family where folk music was a given. Her father, Charles Seeger, was a musicologist who collected, studied, and published folk music, championing its use as an educational tool and a means of community cohesion. Her mother, Ruth Crawford Seeger, was a composer and teacher who used folk music in her own compositions, changed the practice of American music education by placing folk music at its center, and published three highly-acclaimed folk song anthologies. 

On Saturday nights, the Seegers gathered in the living room and sang; Alan Lomax and Ben Botkin were family friends who might stop by; Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, and Guy Carawan were occasional visitors. By the time Peggy was in her teens, her brother Pete was becoming the country’s best-known folksinger, and her brother Mike was absorbing the southern Appalachian music that would be the focus of his career.

It is voices like Peggy Seeger’s on this album that helped to make significant strides in the struggle for gender equality. Seeger’s commentary is poignant and timeless as songs like "Nine-Month Blues" remain applicable in a society where a woman’s right to choose continues to instigate fiery debate.

Peggy Seeger is at her witty, bantering best in this inspiring feminist album. Smart, entertaining and full of truth.


A1 What Do You Do All Day?
A2 Different Therefore Equal
A3 Nine-Month Blues
A4 Little Girl Child
A5 Reclaim The Night

B1 Winnie And Sam
B2 I'm Gonna Be An Engineer
B3 Union Woman
B4 Talking Matrimony Blues
B5 Love For Love

Peggy Seeger - Different Therefore Equal (1979)
(ca. 224 kbps, cover art included)

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