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Nikki Sudden - Seven Lives Later

Nikki Sudden travelled many kilometers to record his seventh solo album.
One song was written in Toulouse, one in Berlin with Hugo Race, three in Czech with the Golden Angels and two in New York. Finally, in Leamington Spa, he recorded five songs with Carl Eugene Picot and Mark Williams from the Jacobites, to end this way his long journey.No matter how strong fantasy can be, it is not enough.
It just needs something from the circumstances and experiences that Nikki sings about on "The Devil Took Me Down To Georgia" to complete it.
"Seven Lives Later" is a truly a live album, because his creator sharpens his broken voice with endless kilometers and journeys with no cause, where the only that exists is lost smiles, laughter and unfulfilled desires. Try to join him if you dare...


Cellar Door 4:25
Whiskey Priest 5:43
Golden Dawn 3:51
The Devil Took Me Down To Georgia 7:57
Evangeline 4:00
French Lipstick 3:01
All My Sinking Ships 3:05
Quand Les Rivieres Finissent 1:10
Behind The Lines 6:03
Valley Of Hearts 4:57
Flowerbox 1:27
Venetian Rags 4:31
Thorns Of Gold 4:33
Butterfly 7:26

Nikki Sudden- Seven Lives Later
(192 kbps, cover art included

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