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Quilapayun - Por Vietnam (1968)

Originally posted in February, 2013:

Tomorrow I will have the chance to see Quilapayun in a concert honouring Victor Jara. This is a good occasion for posting some of their wonderful music.

The Chilean group formed in 1965 writing lyrics inspired by social issues related to its country and combining them with autochthonous musical arrangements. In 1966, the band came in first place at the Festival de Festivales, releasing its first album that same year. Folk singer and songwriter Victor Jara helped the band by promoting Quilapayun's music and making the record "Canciones Folkloricas de America" together. As Chilean New Song's ambassador, Quilapayun went on its first European tour in 1968. Due to Chilean political and social changes in the early '70s, the group settled in foreign countries for more than a decade.
"X Vietnam" or "Por Vietnam" was Quilapayún's third official album, first published in 1968 in the context of opposition to the Vietnam War.

Quilapayun - Por Vietnam (1968)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Ich suche dieses Album schon seit fast ewig. Ist ein Reupload möglich?

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Here´s a fresh link. Greetings!

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Dear Sir... Restore?

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