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Victor Jara - Canto Libre

Victor Jara was an impoverished Chilean laborer who became a monk, a soldier, an actor and professor of theater; a political activist, a poet, and a popular folk musician; and ultimately a people's martyr following his brutal murder (along with thousands of his fellow citizens) in 1973 during the U.S.-backed military coup that toppled the government of Chile's democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende. Amidst widespread global outrage at this gruesome miscarriage of justice, Jara quickly became even more famous than he had been while alive, and his recordings were widely circulated throughout North America on LPs bearing the Monitor and Americanto labels.

"Canto Libre", a collection released during the 1990s, contains material dating back at least as far as 1970. Jara sang beautifully, always expressing his thoughts and viewpoints with unflinching honesty, playing his guitar alone or surrounded by folk musicians from nations and cultures all over Latin America. Jara's egalitarian discipline of cultural solidarity is manifest at various points in this collection, with words and music traceable to Mexico ("The Ballad of Pancho Villa"), Peru ("Inga"), and Bolivia ("El Tinku" and "How Happy Are the Women Workers"). Jara's devotion to socialism must be understood as a call for Chilean self-determination; the best way to put it in context would be to read Pablo Neruda's Memoirs. Jara was incredibly outspoken, and it was typical of him to come up with a title that translates as "Thus They Kill Blacks Today." His greatest achievement was the song "Canto Libre," with its soaring flutes, stirring percussion, and passionately strummed guitars. Victor Jara's spirit transcends all language barriers. Like his voice and the instrumentation, the poetry is tremendously moving and unforgettable: "My singing is a chain without beginning or end, and in each link is found the song of everyone else."       


 "Canto Libre" summarizes pretty well Víctor's gift to the good people struggling for justice. These are songs that he had to pay for with his own life, tortured to death one day in the soccer National Stadium in Santiago. His legacy mixes his undeniable Chilean roots and his exploration of other Latin American rythms. You may question his unique voice; however, you will eventually find out that it is that roughness that provides even more meaning to most of this collection.

 1. Inga
  2. Cancion Del Arbol Del Olvido
  3. La Pala
  4. Venian Del Desierto
  5. Ventolera
  6. El Tinku
  7. Angelita Huenuman
  8. Corrido De Pancho Villa
  9. Caminando, Caminando
  10. Quien Mato A Carmencita
  11. Canto Libre
  12. El Aparecido
  13. El Lazo
  14. Que Alegres Son Las Obreras
  15. Despedimiento Del Angelito
  16. Solo
  17. Ay Mi Palomita
  18. Asi Como Hoy Matan Negros
  19. El Amor Es Un Camino Que De Repente...
  20. Casi, Casi
  21. Cancion De Cuna Para Un Nino Vago
  22. Romance Del Enamorada Y De La Muerte

  23. En Algun Lugar Del Puerto

Victor Jara - Canto Libre
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

beautiful. many thanks. never forgotten.

Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…
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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

When September 11 comes around, I think not only of the World Trade Center attacks and thousands of deaths in my country, I remember all too well the overthrow of Allende's government in Chile on September 11, 1973 and the needless torture and deaths of Victor Jara and so many others and my country's complicity in those deaths bringing Pinochet and his henchman to power. Thank you so much for posting and reposting Jara's and, too, Violetta Parra's music so that we do not forget them.

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