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Lititz Mento Band - Dance Music And Working Songs From Jamaica (1993)

Though often erroneously regarded as simply a variation of Calypso, Jamaican Mento is a distinct musical style that developed independently from its similarly styled Trinidadian cousin. The genre remained Jamaica’s most popular form of indigenous music from the post war years up until the development of Shuffle Blues and its immediate successor, Ska, in the early sixties.
As late as the 1960s the cheerfully elated rhythms of mento would be found at every village festival. In the age of modern and Afro-American pop music, however, the most important and oldest folk tradition of Jamaica - which developed from the displaced Africans’ contact with European music - has fallen increasingly into the shadows. With violin, banjo, guitar, and rumba box this famous Jamaican group presents a piquant potpourri of mentos, folk tunes, religious songs, and American hits. The songs are not infrequently lewd, and they treat daily life with humor and satire.

The album was recorded on July 16th 1992 at the studios of Sender Freies Berlin with Gerald Myers(banjo), Clement Smalling and Sonny Borriel (guitar), Theodore Miller (violin), Cleveland Salmon (rumba box) and Jerome Williams on vocals.


1 Quadrille (Instrumental) 17:00
2 Born Jamaican 4:46
3 Rivers Of Babylon / Lion Of Judah 6:02
4 Man Of Montego Bay 4:01
5 Island In The Sun 2:20
6 Day Oh! 3:52
7 Fan Me Soldier Man 2:12
8 Linstead Market 3:24
9 Shaving Cream (Instrumental) 2:23
10 Little Girl In Kingston Town 3:06
11 Grader Man 2:57
12 Revival Man 2:32
13 Tennessee Waltz 4:08
14 Weel An' Tune (Instrumental) 3:41

Lititz Mento Band - Dance Music And Working Songs From Jamaica (1993)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Juha Pekka hat gesagt…

This album is great fun! Thank you.
I like especially "Rivers of Babylon / Lion of Judah"

zero hat gesagt…

Glad you like it, greetings!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello, is there any way you could repost this? I'd be very grateful, thank you!

Anonym hat gesagt…

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Very fast response, I appreciate it! :)

swappers hat gesagt…

Fabulous - love me some Mento! Thanks Zero G

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

swappers hat gesagt…

Zero G - don't suppose you have any Stanley Beckford knocking around? You've got me in the Mento mood now!

zero hat gesagt…

Will have a look for Stanley...

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