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Quilapayún - Con el alma llena de banderas

Quilapayun is a Chilean group formed in 1965 by Julio Carrasco, Eduardo Carrasco, and Julio Numhauser, later joined by Patricio Castillo.

Since its beginning, Quilapayun's lyrics were inspired by social issues related to its country, combining them with autochthonous musical arrangements. In 1966, the band came in first place at the Festival de Festivales, releasing its first album that same year. Folk singer and songwriter Víctor Jara helped the band by promoting Quilapayun's music and making the record "Canciones Folklóricas de América" together. By the time Julio Numhauser decided to leave, Carlos Quezada and Guillermo Oddo joined in. As Chilean New Song's ambassador, Quilapayun went on its first European tour in 1968. When Julio Carrasco left, Hernán Gómez and Rodolfo Parada became part of Quilapayun's new lineup. Due to Chilean political and social changes in the early '70s, the group settled in foreign countries for more than a decade.

This collection was published during their time in exile, as its subtitle says, in "Homage to Victor Jara." Members of the group at that time were Edward Carrasco, Carlos Quezada, Willy Oddó, Hernan Gomez, Rodolfo Parada, Hugo Lagos, Guillermo Garcia and Ricardo Venegas.
The cover design, which became a classic, is owed ​​to George Lillo.

The title song of this collection is one of the most beautiful written by Victor Jara. It was composed in tribute to Miguel Angel Aguilera, a young militant who was shot dead by a policeman during a demonstration in 1970. The song was introduced by Victor in August of the same year at the Second Festival of the New Chilean Song.


01. Canción para Victor Jara (Eduardo Carrasco)
02. Te recuerdo Amanda (Victor Jara)
03. Susurro (Rodolfo Parada)
04. Paloma quiero contarte (Víctor Jara)
05. Con el alma llena de banderas (Víctor Jara)
06. Nuestro cobre (Eduardo Yáñez)
07. Titicaca (Arr. Quilapayún)
08. Tío caimán (Chang Marie)
09. Sonatina (Hugo Lagos)
10. Patria de Multitudes (Hernán Gómez-Eduardo Carrasco)

Quilapayún - Con el alma llena de banderas
(320 kbps, front cover included)

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