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Mississippi John Hurt - The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt (1967)

One of the best albums of country and folk blues ever recorded. The fingerpicking is delicate, the vocals mellow and sweet. Many tunes that remain associated with Hurt are included here in versions that rival his legendary recordings from the late '20s. "Richland Woman Blues," "Stagolee," "The Chicken," and "Since I've Laid My Burden Down" sound as fresh as ever in these '60s versions. This album leaves little doubt as to why Hurt was so beloved after his rediscovery. If your not hooked after "Richland Women Blues" there's truly a hole in your soul.

Released posthumously, "The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt" and the equally revelatory "Last Sessions" represent a final testament to a once-in-a-lifetime talent the twentieth century very nearly missed altogether. John Hurt worked as a farm laborer for most of his life. He'd play for parties and gatherings of friends and family, but he never thought seriously about a career as a bluesman. Even after impressing a talent scout for Okeh Records and releasing a set of songs for that label in 1928, he was dismissed as "not commercially viable" or whatever the equivalent jackassery was at the time. Then along came the Depression and Hurt forgot about professional music almost as quickly as it forgot about him. Fast forward to the folk revival of the 1950's and 60's. Those who relished the songs immortalized on Harry Smith's legendary "Anthology of American Folk Music" heard the two cuts attributed to some unknown named "Mississippi John Hurt" and one of them - Tom Hoskins - tracked him down by using geographical clues embedded in the song, "Avalon Blues." What followed was a groundswell of youth-driven popularity, buoyed by college performances, new recordings, and a stint at the Newport Folk Festival. Thank God for small miracles.

1. “Since I’ve Laid My Burden Down”
2. “Moaning The Blues”
3. “Stocktime (Buck Dance)”
4. “Lazy Blues”
5. “Richland Woman Blues”
6. “Wise and Foolish Virgins (Tender Virgins)”
7. “Hop Joint”
8. “Monday Morning Blues”
9. “I’ve Got The Blues and I Can’t Be Satisfied”
10. “Keep On Knocking”
11. “The Chicken”
12. “Stagolee”
13. “Nearer My God To Thee”

Mississippi John Hurt - The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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