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Nina Simone - Black Gold (1970)

"Black Gold" is a live album by Jazz singer/pianist/songwriter Nina Simone recorded in 1969 at the Philharmonic Hall, New York.
The album is especially notable because it features the civil rights anthem song "To Be Young Gifted And Black". The performance that night also included a calypso version of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" (which Simone had recorded on To Love Somebody), but there was no room for it on the album.

The album features two versions of the "Black Is The Color Of My True Love´s Hair", the first sung by Nina, the second sung in a modified version by her guitarist, Emile Latimer.
"Ain't Got No-I Got Life" is a live reprise of the hit single from "Nuff Said" (1969). "Westwind" is a song Simone learned from her friend, the African singer Miriam Makeba.
"To Be Young Gifted And Black" became a Civil Rights anthem. Nina is joined by the singing male duo The Swordsmen. Simone introduces the song by saying:
"It is not addressed to white people primarily. Though it doesn't put you down in any simply ignores you. For my people need all the inspiration and love that they can get."
With the release of the album also came an LP called A"n Evening with Nina Simone". It was a recorded interview about the album. The questions were provided in written form, so that radio DJ's could ask the questions and play Simone's recorded answers, as if she were in the studio.

Maybe not the album to start your Nina journey with, but if you want one of her most compelling RCA titles, and one of her most compelling live albums, this is the one to get when you're exploring that part of her catalog.

A1 Black Is The Colour...                                                                                    5:58
A2 Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair 4:00
A3 Ain't Got No - I Got No Life 5:30
A4 Westwind 9:30
B1 Who Knows Where The Time Goes 8:08
B2 The Assignment Sequence 6:57
B3 To Be Young, Gifted And Black 9:34

Nina Simone - Black Gold (1970)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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FiveGunsWest hat gesagt…

in san francisco, years ago, i had a friend who was a cab driver. he picked up nina simone and drove her to a town very far away. the fare was 225 dollars. she had him take her to a beauty salon. she said she needed to get change and would be right back. she went in the front door and exited the back door. she totally ripped him off. he never saw her again. i have always enjoyed her music but that she felt okay about ripping of a working man just turned me off. i am sure she felt justified as he was white. the driver was robbed and killed by being shot in the face a week later so he didn't bare a grudge long.

Issa hat gesagt…

The link is dead, so this gold is lost for us! Could you re-up, please? Thanks

zero hat gesagt…

Now there is fresh gold. Hope you enjoy it...

Issa hat gesagt…

Many thanks for refreshing so quickly. Have a nice week and best wishes

Cri hat gesagt…

thanks for digging in older post and also for the re-up!

Psyclist hat gesagt…

Would be great if you could repost all the dead Nina Simone zippyshares... I have quite a bit of her but I can always have more, thanks

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