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Dullijöh - Dullijöh (1982)

Dullijöh was an acoustic band from Munich. Between 1978 and 1983 they playd a repertoire of "bavarian-anarchic" songs. The band was fromed in 1978 as a duo of Werner Eckl and Herbert Kapfer, later Dullijöh featured Carl-Ludwig Reichert, Ulrich Bassenge and Stefan Liedthke from the band Sparifankal.

"Gstanzl" , "Zwiefacher" , "Landler", folk, bluegrass, blues and country rock were part of the far-out  "Dullijöh" mixture. The band used a wide collection of acoustic instruments, some of them self-made and played an early pattern of "freak folk".

The influence and musical participation of the Bavarian avant-garde band Sparifankal could be heard on some of the tracks. In August 1982 the band took part at the "1. „Anti-WAAhnsinns-Festival“ in Burglengenfeld.

The album "Dullijöh" was recorded at LOFT-Studio Munich, May 1982.

A1 Griasenk Beinand
A2 Renn Bua Renn
A3 Schbäda
A4 Merk Da Mei Gsicht
A5 Da Dood
A6 Nackad
A7 Mog Mei Lemm Valemm
A8 Afrika
B1 Weisse Schbozn
B2 Die Allgemeine Sonndagsruah
B3 As Oafache Lemm
B4 Ampfnwampfn
B5 Es Is Scho So Lang Hea
B6 Grenzliad
B7 Gstanzl

Dullijöh - Dullijöh (1982)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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